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Reduco Tuition Center will launch a scholarship program for students preparing for the IELTS exam. The scholarship program is being planned for 6 students (including preparatory expenses, curriculum material, as well as official exam expenses) The preparatory program will begin on July 1st and will last until October 15th. Selected students will be required to participate in all classes. In general, students will have a limit to the number of days they can be absent. Their attendance will be tracked. Trial IELTS exams will be held monthly to help students achieve better results in an official exam. A serious approach to the classes will allow each scholarship-holder to gain a higher score in the exam. Please note that the IELTS preparations at Reduco Tuition Center are provided by the instructor with 10 years of experience Selection for the scholarship program will consist of two stages:
1. An IELTS trial exam will be held and 12 people with the highest scores will be invited to an individual interview.
2. According to the result of the individual interview, 6 people will be selected, and those will be given a scholarship. During the interviews candidates’ exam results and self-development skills will be taken into account.


Free IELTS lessons

By joining Reduco Scholarship program you'll get a chance to take free IELTS lessons.

IELTS exam

To get a free pass for official IELTS exam.

Language skills

To improve your language skills by professional teachers of Reduco Tutition Center.

in Sumgait

To participate in IELTS exam in Sumgayit city.


Professional support on your education during the program.


Reduco Tutition Center will let you improve in every way by its highly material-technical base.

Choice phase


To attend in our scholarship program first you have to register.


All who have been registered to our site will be invited to the IELTS mock exam.


12 participants who will get the highest grades at the mock exam will be invited to the interview,


6 participants who will pass the interview successfully will get a chance to attend in our scholarship program which will last for 4 months.

Tutorial video

Learning from senior friends who have graduated already triggered me to prepare for the IELTS. Most of them, even they are keen in academic field and willing to study for master degree overseas, are not in the situation where they have been wishing for. However, a small amount of undergraduates who have prepared and taken the IELTS, most of them currently study master degree abroad, even though their academic marks are not as good as the word awesome. Even if a student who has IELTS is not in a term ‘safe’ to be accepted for studying master, how about the one who doesn’t even have IELTS? As one of the students who want to go on having a study in a native English-Speaking country, I myself have to prepare for the IELTS to make my dreams come true. Even I come up with the idea that my English is good enough, well, I am not that convinced when it comes to the IELTS, because I do believe that those good users of English, if they are not familiar with IELTS, can receive unsatisfying marks. On the other hand, ones who are not even so-called English users can make it possible to have high score in IELTS if they do prepare for it, and go to an IELTS Course in advance.

Restu Hani

I'm Shura. I'm 19 years old. I'm from those who always are seeking opportunities to learn new knowledge and ways which I can develop myself.Thus,when I heard about the Reduco IELTS Scholarship program I said myself I have to try it.I had many reasons for that but after all I am keen on going overseas to study for master. Thanks to Reduco that they gave me this opportunity .I'm over the moon.

Shura Gozalova

Each clever and creative person has a goal in his life and for reaching to this goal it is needed to work hard and do one's best. My present main object is to take an İelts exam and to get higher score as much as I can. I get chance to improve my academic english language skills and abilities by gaining IELTS certificate. Having this certificate I make a step forward to my future career, where I want to be an English teacher or instructor. Besides, having İelts opens new doors in job market and gives opportunities to study abroad.

Vahid Abishov

I want to take a new bachelor degree, this time in another field. I am planning to study in an English-speaking country, or at a university that provides education in English. And most universities require a certificate to confirm the student’s level of English. That’s why I am trying to get IELTS certificate for both improving my English again, and having a higher chance in getting accepted to the university that I want.

Gunel Jabrayilova

Hello my name is Zulfiyya. I'm 22 years old. I graduated from the Azerbaijan University of Languages in the Faculty of Pedagogy. At present, I'm studying at the Faculty of Literature. My main purpose of getting an IELTS certificate is to get advance language skills and to have the opportunity to continue my study abroad.

Zulfiyya Zeynalli

My name is Nuray. I'm 23 years old. I graduated from the Azerbaijan University of Languages in the Faculty of Pedagogy. At present, I'm working as an English teacher. My main goal of getting an IELTS certificate is to have a chance in order to get a master degree abroad, besides by gaining an IELTS certificate I'll get the chance to improve my English at the academic level and this is important for my future career as well..

Nuray Alirzali